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it’s always when you’re not expecting it. October 12, 2010

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Last week at pilates I got a bit lightheaded, my blood pressure bottomed out and I nearly fainted.  I rested for the rest of the day, as much as is possible with a 15 month old, but then promptly forgot entirely that I’d even felt a little funny.   It had been a hot morning, the first ‘summer’ day (though it has rained torrentially every day since), so I figured I’d just overheated on the bike or whatever.  So just a bit of water and a lie down and lots of food and an excuse to watch TV in the afternoon while O was sleeping.

But of course, got reminded when I was at pilates today, and thought, “aha, I’m out of vitamins, I was a bit sick last week, I’ll just pop in and get some”.   A basketful of stuff later, O has destroyed the store as the colours of the stuff on the shelves are just too enticing and we go home.

I pop O in bed, then go and have a pee.  And discover: this.



Incontrovertible evidence of a new member of the family making their presence known!!

Again, I didn’t quite expect to be pregnant, so I’ve chosen a perfect time to do the test (sarcasm high): Chris is at work (and I want to tell him in person), and has meetings all afternoon, so I can’t pop in and interrupt; I’m home by myself with O. I peed on the stick, looked at it, assumed it would be negative, stuck it on the bench. Then when I washed my hands noticed a slight second line. Thankfully this test has how to read it printed right on the stick beside the result. So you don’t have to fuff around with the box / leaflet in a panic to try to confirm that it is “two lines” is postive. Which is what I tried to do for half a minute before I saw the bit right beside the result window in big letters. So now I’ve jumped around the room about 10 times, started hyperventillating, read the instruction packet of the test again, “just to be sure, to be sure”, you know. Would have screamed but O was sleeping. I’m jittery, I’ve found the secret chocolate stash and have now eaten half a bar…

And I had to tell someone, so I rang the obstetrician to make an appointment. After my last experience where we waited until 8 weeks to try to book in because our first result was a little hazy and then had to get my dad to call in a favour to get in to an obstetrician becuase they all were all booked out for when we were due, I wasn’t going to risk it. But that doesn’t count right, since they hear people getting pregnant every day. Well, I’m not counting it cause Chris is definitely the first person who I’m going to ‘tell’.

Righto. So why am I surprised? Well, I guess just cause I didn’t feel pregnant (I do now that I know). Last time round I had a glass of wine and felt sick, got a bit of a queasy belly and generally felt a little different. This time I hadn’t noticed anything. I even had a glass of wine the other night just to check the taste because I thought I might use that as a pregnancy-detection method. Yeah, ok, what was I thinking?? It’s really not a scientifically-proven method, is it??. Perhaps that is just evidence of baby-brain already. Anyway, I really just felt normal.

Except now I know, the following symptoms are what I have been experiencing and just ignoring:

  • starving starving starving.  I’ve been hungry at 5 pm and eating dinner with O each day.  I have been VERY snappy when dinner is after 7:30 pm.  (sorry!)
  • tired tired tired.   I’ve been thinking I should just take care of myself, so retiring to bed at 8:30pm with a book and skipping the last round of crapola on TV.
  • a bit emotional.  I watched 5 minutes of the news yesterday and nearly cried.  I just put it down to tiredness.  Now I know.  I’ll be avoiding all news for the next 12 months.


Very excited and happy and looking forward to a new journey with Chris & Oscar + 1.

woooooo hooooooo !!!!

Oct 12 2010


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