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rocking the kindi goodbyes October 20, 2010

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So I just dropped you, my little pumpkin, at kindi (daycare), and once again, with no pause whatsoever, you just give me a big kiss then wave and say “bye, bye”.

Makes you feel a little redundant as a mum.

and proud that you’re so self-assured and happy.




2 Responses to “rocking the kindi goodbyes”

  1. Inner Pickle Says:

    I have one like that – and it’s awesome. Streaming confidence in a nearly four year old is so wonderful. Mr 6 though, mostly good. Bad today. Just kills me. xx

    • rakster Says:

      🙂 I’m expecting that it will revert at some stage and we’ll go through a whiny unhappy stage again. Like swimming, all good now but I don’t expect it to last forever… I can understand how it kills you!

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