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So I’m not redundant… yet. November 1, 2010

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So last week on Thursday I had to pop down to Sydney for a night for work, and it wasn’t until I was sitting on the plane that I realised it was the FIRST night I was going to have away from my little Mr Boopie (you. another nickname, favoured by your dad).

I’d told your Dad it would all be fine (and I was sure it would be). I wondered quietly to myself if you’d miss me, or in fact even notice that I was gone. … (read, I almost cried when I realised I would be away from you, then in the next breath relished a guaranteed full night of uninterrupted sleep in my lovely big hotel bed).

… So I went, and I returned, and you were all in one piece. It wasn’t until a day later that your dad and Aunty Reegs admitted there had been an incident which proved you missed me. Or at least missed my boobies.

Apparently all was going well at night, until it got closer and closer to 7pm (your bedtime). Your dad says you were pointing at the door a lot and saying, “Mumma” through the evening, and he had explained that I’d gone to work and wasn’t coming home tonight. But at a certain time, it seems you twigged that I really wasn’t coming home that night, and started crying, pointing at the door, and saying, “Mumma, Mumma, Gone. Boobie. Mumma, mumma, gone.”….

So cute!

And again at 3am when you woke, you went for it again, “Mumma, boobie, Mumma, boobie, gone.. . .waaaaaaahhhh”….

:)… made me feel happy and sad at the same time to hear it!

P.S. And yes, I had a wonderful sleep in my beautiful bed all by myself and had time for a long bath before heading back to the airport the next day. Lovely. I should have done it sooner!

P.P.S. And to prove I am really an adult, I went to a party. And saw a DJ. (well, Tommy Lee was at the party DJing). And felt old when the music was too loud to talk in any part of the venue and my first thought was that it should be turned down.. 🙂 and here is a photo I took to prove I was there:


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