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A New Year! January 1, 2011

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It’s the afternoon of New Year’s Eve and I’ve been reading other blog posts reflecting on the year past and talking about aims for the future.

I try to recall all that has happened in the past year and I’m stumped.  Baby brain has extended into toddler brain.  Or maybe I’m just getting older. Rephrase.  Maybe my age and former life and brain degradation due to former life is finally catching up with me :).   All good though – I’m generally happy with where I’m at, where we are at as a family, and with life in general.

So my summary of the year is that it was very busy:

  • you my little darling got bigger and bigger and louder and louder and are now able to express most of what you want through simple sentences, words and gestures, and a bit of whining sometimes, but mostly with smiles and laughter;

You at the beginning of 2010 with Aunty Reeg

You at Christmas 2010

  • your Dad and I had a busy and up and down year – having a new business, a new baby, adjusting to life with a baby, back in Brisbane, with family and friends and did I mention a new baby?  All is well, we’ve learned to communicate better about some things most of the time, we’ve had a few blowouts, but all in all I think if anything we are closer and happier than ever (thank-you C, I love you!).   The date-a-month by ourselves concept hasn’t quite worked  out – perhaps we can aim for that in the new year with renewed vigour (sisters and grandparents we’re looking at you here – thx in advance!).
  • work. work.  Your dad worked hard.  I worked hard two days a week from April.  You went to daycare and settled right in.  Enough said.
  • I finally got it together and got a new kitchen organised and in.  Just in time to get the worst case of tonsilitus ever (was out in bed for a week and they thought I had glandular, thankfully I didn’t) and thus not be able to use it before our Christmas holiday.  2011 to be the year of new kitchen breaking-in then.

So.  Next year?

Bring it on, we’re ready!


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