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Is the baby coming out today?… June 8, 2011

So today little Poogie has a bit of the flu still, so we had a day home from kindi (daycare).


All I had planned was the fitting of the baby car seat at the ambulance centre (great rental service here in Brisbane) and then a trip to the obstetrician’s for a check-up.  We had started to talk to little O about the need for a new baby seat in the car already: especially as his seat had to move over to accommodate the new baby capsule, and that the baby when it came out would travel in the car, next to him.  Where he could see it (which he seems excited about!).

Which had to be explained in detail again and discussed on the way in the car this morning:

Poogie: “Mum, where is the doctor?”

“In his office, in the city.”

“Doctor’s name?”


“Doctor Doug see the baby?”

“No, he will just have a listen to the baby’s heartbeat.”

“Mum, ambulance put baby seat in car?”

“Yes, there will be someone at the ambulance office who will help us put a new seat for the baby in the car.  So, you know, when the baby comes out of mummy’s tummy to meet us, it will have somewhere to sit in the car and be safe.”

“Mmm, yes.  Baby come out and go in baby seat.  When baby coming?”

“I don’t know, do you want the baby to come out soon?”

“Yes, soon. Doctor listen baby.  Baby come soon.  Today?”

And so on ad infinitum as we drove in to the city.

After we had the new capsule installed, and as Poogie was climbing back into his seat, :

“Baby sit beside me!”

“Baby isn’t here yet, it’s still in mummy’s tummy, here.”

Mournfully: “Baby come out today??”

Later, at the doctor’s office:

“What’s that noise??”

“That’s the baby’s heartbeat, and the noise in mummy’s tummy.”

After a very thoughtful look at the doppler and then at the doctor quizzically,

“Doctor Doug, baby come out today??”…



I don’t think he has any real idea what is going to hit him, but at least he’s excited!




love mum




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