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And she swallowed … a soccer ball? June 9, 2011

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Well, it’s that time again, where I feel as ginormous as a house.  And look like it too.


No, I take it back, as your father says:

“Who swallowed the soccer ball?”.

I’m not really as big as a house, just as big as it would be to have a whole soccer ball in your stomach.  Yep, that’s me:

soccer ball in the belly

Righto.  So today I have:

  • purchased oil of clove and cleaning stuff from natural shop around the corner
  • cleaned Poogie’s room including scrubbing the mould off the walls (from where I could reach, I restrained myself from getting up a ladder, though I was sorely tempted).  Living in the sub-tropics is a pain in the butt.  (Scrubbing the walls… What the??? – there is something about pregnancy hormones).
  • Re-arranged Poogie’s room.  Twice.  Still not happy.  Need husband’s assistance as I think I’ve been scratching the floors in my haste to re-arrange heavy furniture single-handedly (because of course, that is what every 9-month pregnant lady should be doing, moving heavy furniture about the place for no good reason).
  • Tried to take shots of pregnant belly.  Relatively unsuccessfully (see above for best example)… Photos just don’t do the thing justice.  The sheer size and scale is astounding me every time I look in the mirror.
  • Eaten lots of snakes (lollies, candies, whatever you will call them).  Re-assessed belly size to see if any noticeable difference.  None noted.  Have decided at this stage anything I consume is just inconsequential relatively.
  • Thought about eating proper food.  Put that off.
  • Thought about reading the ‘list’ of things I have written myself to get done before baby arrives.  Written about 5 times now in different places (the kitchen wall, zenbe lists on my ibaby, scraps of paper in the handbag…).
  • Decided that reading the list was kinda pointless as I don’t feel like doing any of the things that might be on there.  Like packing a bag to take to the hospital (I think I’m in denial about that part of the whole process at this stage.  Ready mentally, I say, but obviously I think I can put it off a little longer by not packing a bag.  Because the baby will wait for the bag.  Right?? Right.  Of course …).


Thinking maybe I need to eat some proper food.  May get in car and go and seek some out as cooking something sounds unappealing at this stage…


Love mum


ps. 38 weeks pregnant today.  Last time I was this big at 37 weeks…

week 37 huge pregnant belly!


4 Responses to “And she swallowed … a soccer ball?”

  1. Aunt R1 Says:

    I do like the jaffa effect from the picture last time you were pregnant (37 weeks)…. Glad to see you look like you’re about ready to pop – can’t wait to meet the new little creature 🙂

    • rakster Says:

      Thanks. Jaffa look indeed.

      Jaffas. Mmmm. Haven’t eaten those in years. I can feel a craving coming on..

  2. Court Says:

    Aw… you look beautiful. my second is just past 18 months and i am thinking silly things like: would a third really be that hard?

    • rakster Says:

      … Thanks :)… I can see those thoughts might become quite convincing.. I hear after three more additions just blend in!

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