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Out and about with a baby and a two-year old: scooter and pram/stroller August 4, 2011

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I mentioned a while ago that we bought the Mountain Buggy scooter that connects to the pram for use when the new baby arrived.

the freerider - hopefully coming to our house soon

Mostly I sling Luna about attached to me, so I am free to push you in the pram when needed, but sometimes it is nice to have your hands free.

So here is a dodgy picture of the new scooter/pram combo in action:

Scooting home from the park

Scooting home from the park

The trip was great apart from having to bribe you to get on the damn scooter when it was attached to the pram. Lots of praise that you were a “big scooter boy” seemed to do the trick pretty well after a bit of effort. And it was fun to push.

Love mum

p.s. you have been madly practising your ‘scootering’ ever since on the back deck. I went out there last night to encourage you to come inside (it was dark and the light was out), only to see you stumble off it yet again, muttering a very clear “bloody hell” to yourself as you got right back on. Mmmmm. I wonder where you learnt that one (looks the other way)!

p.p.s. but i have decided that we do need a double pram for longer walks and outings, so have one in the pipeline… updates to follow.


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  1. katepickle Says:

    oh now that is a cool idea… scooter that attaches to the pram too!

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