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lost wallet October 18, 2011

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so I lost my wallet today.


well, yesterday actually, when we were coming back from a holiday at the beach.


but i discovered it was missing this morning.


so ransacked the house and car looking for it. for a few hours.  before finally admitting defeat, and calling up and cancelling all my cards. then stewed the rest of the day about the $600 cash I had in it (the most I’ve probably ever had, weird that I even had more than my usual $20).




thankfully my husband is better at looking for things than I am.

it took him 30 minutes of solid looking to find it after getting home from work tonight.


where??  Oh, IN the toy fire-engine in O’s room, on the toy shelf. 


Of course! Can’t think why I didn’t look there earlier…


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  1. Lindy Says:

    LOL…….been there; just found my mum’s missing blood glucose monitor after 2 months. It was in the green toy bin of course

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