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Busted – burgers and chips August 14, 2012

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Arriving home on Sunday afternoon after spending the day at the office working on an assignment, I noticed little O was drinking a juice that we hadn’t had in the house that morning.


I’d already asked C what they’d got up to that day whilst I was gone, and he had said, “not much, just mooched about”…


But little O set me straight:

Me: “Did you go shopping today & get a juice?”

O: “Yes, see!”

Me: “Where did you go shopping?”

O: “To the shop that sells burgers and chips.

Cue lots of laughing and sheepish looks from C.






One Response to “Busted – burgers and chips”

  1. Daddo Says:

    Ya, busted. We occasionally do the drive through thing because it is so damn easy and you don’t have to pull them out of the car. The little rat was sworn to secrecy though…

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