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bathing on the deck! yay for your dad :) June 16, 2009

Hello Little Speck!

Well, you know what happened last night, ’cause you got right in on the action too.  Yes, that’s right.  We got to have a bath at home!  YAAAAAYYYYY!!!

As you know, our bathroom at home, while lovely, doesn’t have a bathtub, just a shower.  And I really LOVE my baths.   So anyway, yesterday your dad got it in his head that I needed a bath (I have been moaning every day about how much I feel like just lying in the bath after having one each day when we went away the weekend before last).   And he has been thinking about it – we’ve had fantasies about building a bath house in the garden.  And we’ve been thinking about how to cheaply renovate our bathroom and put one in…  But all take time and money and are relatively complicated.

But yesterday, your Dad got inspired and all I heard him say as he ran out the door in the morning while I was on the phone for work was something about building me a bath.   He returned a number of hours later with some stuff on the roof of the car, and continued to make sawing, hammering and drilling noises into the night.  And then, at about 8:30 pm, it was done!  My own little bath filled with hot steaming water on our back deck.   The steam rising off it into the night, the possoms in the tree beside it looking on in interest.   ….

So..  I got in!   Check it out:

in the bath

you and I in the bath – its small but we just fit!

Looking out to the left of the deck you can see the tops of the city buildings, and the way I’m facing in the photo above across the back yard and through to the trees in the neighbourhood…

bathing with a view out across the trees

bathing with a view out across the trees

See!  Pretty cool I think…

my bath

my bath

full recline – see its a little small, but perfect for the back corner of the deck….

So we will be soaking every day from now on.

Thanks G for the old bathtub.  Yay for your dad.   He is amazing.

love mum