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bathing on the deck! yay for your dad :) June 16, 2009

Hello Little Speck!

Well, you know what happened last night, ’cause you got right in on the action too.  Yes, that’s right.  We got to have a bath at home!  YAAAAAYYYYY!!!

As you know, our bathroom at home, while lovely, doesn’t have a bathtub, just a shower.  And I really LOVE my baths.   So anyway, yesterday your dad got it in his head that I needed a bath (I have been moaning every day about how much I feel like just lying in the bath after having one each day when we went away the weekend before last).   And he has been thinking about it – we’ve had fantasies about building a bath house in the garden.  And we’ve been thinking about how to cheaply renovate our bathroom and put one in…  But all take time and money and are relatively complicated.

But yesterday, your Dad got inspired and all I heard him say as he ran out the door in the morning while I was on the phone for work was something about building me a bath.   He returned a number of hours later with some stuff on the roof of the car, and continued to make sawing, hammering and drilling noises into the night.  And then, at about 8:30 pm, it was done!  My own little bath filled with hot steaming water on our back deck.   The steam rising off it into the night, the possoms in the tree beside it looking on in interest.   ….

So..  I got in!   Check it out:

in the bath

you and I in the bath – its small but we just fit!

Looking out to the left of the deck you can see the tops of the city buildings, and the way I’m facing in the photo above across the back yard and through to the trees in the neighbourhood…

bathing with a view out across the trees

bathing with a view out across the trees

See!  Pretty cool I think…

my bath

my bath

full recline – see its a little small, but perfect for the back corner of the deck….

So we will be soaking every day from now on.

Thanks G for the old bathtub.  Yay for your dad.   He is amazing.

love mum



Not much new to report. I think you’re getting bigger, you’re kicking around a bit. And the "Pramway" is underway. April 30, 2009

Good morning Speckle,

It’s cold! I actually got under the duvet last night for the whole night. First time this year – I’ve been so hot that usually I let your dad have it all (a treat which he is enjoying as I am traditionally a duvet stealer but since I’ve been pregnant I’ve been hot and haven’t wanted it). Bbbbrr. Going to the bathroom five times in the freezing cold is tough. So I stayed in bed until 7:30. Lie-in. Mmm.

I’ve been a busy fat waddler this week. Running about to my yoga and exercise classes. I’m getting quite proficient at rolling my hips around on a fit ball. You generally just seem to sleep through it all, so who knows if you even realise that I’m exercising. I ordered a new fitball for us at home but it hasn’t arrived yet. My favourite exercise is squats against the wall with the fitball – the rolling motion of the ball on my back feels a bit like a massage and helps relieve the pressure that has built-up. I’m not convinced by the “Yogababy” pregnancy classes yet though. Too many people in the class and just a bit of a mish mash of movements like rolling your hips, with maybe warrior pose thrown in for good measure. I think the normal yoga classes with some modified poses are better.

You are very much awake this morning and rolling around down there. You aren’t too bad though – earlier this week I think you managed to get your foot wedged in the space between two of my ribs and just jammed it back and forth for at least 20 minutes. I apologise slightly, but after attempting to get you to move gently I resorted to some relatively strong pushes to get you to move (read – you jab me and I jabbed you back when it got intolerable). At the moment you seem to be active first thing in the morning, and then usually again around 3pm and then again around 6pm. Either I’m sleeping better as I’m going through another really tired phase, or you’re also sleeping through most of the night too. Hope you keep that up! I’m sure you won’t.

Your dad started building the new decking path from the front gate to the front verandah yesterday. He dug a big hole in the middle of the front garden for some support posts, moved the massive piece of rock under the deck that acts as a step, and sledgehammered the step from the footpath right away. The wood and stuff arrived on a big truck (which incidentally took out a large branch on the black bean tree – very unfortunate as it was a branch that gave the front of the house a lot of shade in summer), and he has done some priming on the joists (or whatever they are called) so that today it should all be ready to start laying the structure from the path. The plan is a ramp that goes right from the footpath down to the level of our front deck, so we can just roll you on in your pram. Also, it will be easier for people to walk – less tree roots, and general compost material to trudge through. I think the decking we bought matches the front deck, so hopefully it will look ok. We’re not planning on putting any handrails on it though – so I’m sure as you get bigger you’ll stack it off the side many times – to a 30cm max drop. We’re planning on mulching up around the sides and putting some more garden bed in, so it should at least be a soft landing.

Hope you’re well.
love mum