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hiya! you are there. and you’ve got bigger November 5, 2008

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Hiya Speck~

good work!  you’re now a more sizeable blob down there in my uterus.  Just slightly bigger than the yolk sac that is beside you..  And you’re due on the 25 June 2009 cause apparently you are exactly six weeks and six days old.  So yes, I must have had my dates all wrong or my body was all confused after the operation, cause that doesn’t tally with anything.

Anyway, pleased to say your Dad and I are very excited.  And worried.  There are apparently no free obstetricians available for the time you’re coming that haven’t already been booked out.  How does that work? I guess you have to come out regardless, so we’ll just have to cope.  But hopefully find one in the meantime.  So, we have your first printed photo.  Its a bit blurry, but that might be ’cause your heart was beating.  At 168 beats per minute, which is apparently in the normal range for your ‘age’.

blah blah blah. my mind can’t think straight, so I definitely can’t get a cohesive thought out to you.  Its jumping all around like a .. I can’t finish the sentence.

Tired, exhausted after a night at uni after finding out you were ok.  Your dad has aged about 3 years in one afternoon.  I think he is shocked.  But happy.  But shocked.  He jumped out of the chair when your heart beat.  Good on you!

Sleepy. Going to crash.  Its also a folding washing avoidance technique.

Love you