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Inconsolable October 2, 2009

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You know when someone screams like they are being murdered? Or are dying? Well, you’ve just done that almost non-stop for the past two hours. And I’m exhausted.

We have done two 25 minute walks. You have settled a little after each one. then woken. five minutes later. screaming again.


you woke again and then had a screaming fit. a bit of a breastfeed. then some cuddling. you are now crying but just a little bit. I’ve put you in your cot. I just can’t carry you around anymore, and its not screaming now. Just a few little upset noises.

breathe. breathe. breathe.

I’m exhausted. Its 32 degrees or something like that. Walking around with a baby tied to me during the heat of the day wasn’t my idea of fun when I woke up this morning. But that’s what I’ve had to do.

You were fine this morning. In fact, you were hilarious. You had a whole 5 minute conversation with a visitor to the house which consisted of you laughing and giggling and talking.


love mum

ps. got new togs yesterday in the post. I am going to go swimming this afternoon whether you like it or not. As many swims before next week’s operation as I can fit in. For then its no swimming for ages…