i'm pregnant and it's going to be a rollercoaster

Last day of our driving holiday December 21, 2008

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Hi Speck,

Hope you’re well, I’m ok though had a major case of the tireds again yesterday and felt pretty erk all afternoon. Could have been cause we went through Bellingen on our way up the coast and had a rather late but lovely night at B&M’s house; or it may just have been that you were doing a lot of growing and using up all my energy. My tummy has been getting some strange painful twinges and what not recently – hard to tell if it’s you kicking or just my body rearranging itself to make room for the space you’re taking up.

Btw your dad has just come back from breakfast and he says “hello, I hope you’re enjoying your fruit and yoghurt”. He doesn’t like referring to you as “it” so he is alternating – this week you are “she”, last week you were “he”. Hopefully any gender issues you may develop won’t stem from this!

Otherwise looking forward to a last ocean swim today before we get to Brisbane and the craziness that I’m sure Christmas will bring. Tomorrow we also meet your Brisbane doctor for the first time, so hopefully that will go well too.

Love you, enjoy the swim