i'm pregnant and it's going to be a rollercoaster

keeping on with blogging August 3, 2009

Hello Oscar!

You’re no longer Speck.. you are growing rapidly by the day. But I think I want to keep on writing – as a sanity-keeping-measure for myself more than anything. I found this outlet really great when I was pregnant with you, and now I’m a SAHM* I think I’m going to need all outlets possible to ensure I stay sane as I navigate the daily adventure that has become looking after YOU!

Oscar and Cat (six weeks and two days)

So, I’m going to continue to babble away to myself in general about daily life, motherhood, the complexities of baby products and all sorts of other random things. Oh, and mention incessantly what food I am currently eating, craving or salivating over (today is EATING: zucchini and fetta muffins – for reference!)…

So watch out baby. Actually I should watch out. It may be incriminating. Bad mother practices and all that….

Love you
* “Stay at Home Mum” or as I found on dooce “Shit Ass Ho Motherfucker”. Ooops I’m a mum now. Should I still be swearing? Oh well…