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Blowing Raspberries – Movie Monday February 15, 2010

Hello Poogie!

I’m going to try to put a movie up some/most mondays.  Movie Monday.

Today is one of your tricks: blowing raspberries.   You learnt this one a few weeks ago now.  I was astounded when you first started it – you frequently surprise me with your ability to learn new things and pick things up that I thought would take a lot longer.  We’ve been blowing raspberries on you since day one, so I guess it makes sense that you’d learn them straight-up.

I tried to get footage of you in your favourite raspberry-blowing position – in the bed with us.  But it just ended up a bit wrong – I’m not sure everyone wanted to see my boobs flash by the camera repeated times as I lurched up to pull you off where you’d climbed on the “mum climbing frame” as you attempted to get to better raspberry-blowing position.   So I’ve scrapped that video and gone for the “on the legs on the kitchen floor” version.  Much less the wrong-pornographic home-style and more of the family-blog style effect.

Love you