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… Maybe Hashimoto is an ok person after all November 14, 2008

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Good morning!

I feel today like I’m getting more accustomed to the thought of you being around. Still very weird and I’m sure it’s you disrupting my sleep patterns, but easier about it somehow.

Went to the endocrinologist today, and she says that all I need to do is keep taking the tablets and repeat blood tests pretty frequently in order to keep Hashimoto under control. She also said that while you do use my thyroid’s T4 at least up to around week 13, when you develop your own thyroid, I am only just under the normal range now, so we found it in time and you should be AOK just fine. Yippee! So you should be fine, your dad and I can stop panicking (well, I can stop panicking and he can stop trying to have to reassure me), and we can continue to be excited about you coming along. In 32 weeks! aaaaahhh!!

Woot! Anyway, I’m feeling all happy and good and excited and looking forward to the weekend.

Love you & your grandad says hello too this morning.