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yes, its definitely me that is pregnant. Not your dad. November 16, 2008

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Hiya Speck,

well, we told all your uncles (and one aunt) about your existence yesterday. Everyone was excited that you were coming along, though I’m not sure your youngest uncle quite got it at first.

The youngest one (at 11 years old) immediately wanted to know:
“what is it called when a person has both sex organs?…”
answer from your Dad: “a hermaphrodite”.
Uncle: ..mumbling…” we had a guy come to talk to us at school about … we asked if someone was a hermaphrodite could they have a baby and he said they could ..”
Your Dad and I : lots of laughter
Me: “well, its definitely me that is having the baby, not [your dad]”.

later in the conversation..
Uncle: “oh! that mean’s that Dad is going to be a grandad! That makes him seem soooo old.”
Me: “why, he is the same as he was before. Anyway, he’s not that old! Being a grandad doesn’t necessarily mean you are old: you could be a grandad at 32 if you had kids early.”
Uncle: “huh?”
Me: “well, if you had a baby at 16, and then your kid had a baby at 16, you’d be a grandad at 32”
Uncle: “is 16 the legal age to have a baby?”
Me: laughing!! “mmmm.. I don’t think there is a ‘legal’ age to have a baby, though there is a legal age to have sex, that might be 16, I’m not sure”
Uncle: deadly silence cause his big sister said the sex word.

Trust a kid! Anyway, your dad made both your younger uncles commit to being baby-sitters for you. Surprisingly, they were both ok with the idea I think. But that could just be ’cause you’ll be small and they will have someone to ‘beat-on’. Joke.

Otherwise yesterday was a lazy Saturday. Your dad is planning our Christmas trip to Brisvegas, and I was attempting to focus on getting some study done (I have to say rather unsuccessfully).

Hope you’re well down there!

love mum