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lessons learned about nappy free time November 17, 2009

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1. when you have a four-month old baby who has learned to roll over (almost both ways at will) they are more mobile than before.  (doh!)

2. when you have a four-month old baby that wants something it can’t quite reach, it will wiggle and roll until it gets there

3. nappy-free time is good for very hot days (34 degrees centigrade & sweltering) and makes for an amused and happy baby who may play on the floor by themselves leaving you to do the laundry or something else (like talk on the phone) and thus pay less attention to their every move (and noises, facial expressions) than you normally would

4. four-month old babies like to play with their feet and raise them almost to their mouths.

4. when said baby decides it’s time for a poo he will have inevitably moved from the carefully-laid towel, have his feet near his mouth, and it will be the less-than-solid variety of poo that appears, with great force and noise, from his anus.

READ:  Poogie, you CRAPPED in an EXPLOSIVE and LOUD manner all over everything.

Towel – covered a bit

Playgym – covered

Mat – covered

Kitchen floor – covered

Kitchen wall – covered

Your body – covered.

Excellent work.

Love mum