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you are there! October 28, 2008

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Hi Speck!

Howzit?  Popped out from work today to the doctors to get a bloodtest following our appointment yesterday, and the doctor called just after 5 to say that apparently my body is trying pretty hard to make you comfortable and my hcg levels have risen from 526 two weeks ago to 36 000 today.  Which is a good thing.  I still need to go in and have a dating and viability scan with you, which is next Wednesday, but in the meantime its nice to know that my body is madly producing hormones to try to make you happy down there.  So suck them in and grow, got it?

What else? Well, you got your first big workout tonight too.  First night of frisbee summer season – you’re playing in Div 2 & Div 3 with me – so it was a pretty long & tiring but good run for the evening.  We went down in our first game 18-9 and down in our second by one point.  Really I didn’t notice you at all (which is not really surprising given how big you are), but I did notice the tyre-like fleshy protruberence around my belly which seems to mysteriously have grown since I stopped exercising nine weeks ago.  So that’s it – from later this week we are back on the exercise wagon.  The doctor said its pretty much impossible to shake you out, so short of getting hit by a car, biking to and from work is back on the agenda.

Its late, I’m very tired, and the naseous feeling I was having on the car ride home has now abated after eating toasted parmesan, tomato and chive sandwiches. So sleep well!

love mum

ps your dad says “you better love your mum you little shit”.  How sweet.


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