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One week old and Oscar is your name-o. June 28, 2009

Hello Little Oscar! (you’re 8 days old today)

oscar snuggle time on day three.  23/06/2009

oscar snuggle time on day three. 23/06/2009

Welcome to the world again.  Well, the world outside my womb that is.   I’m suffering from sleep deprivation, sore boobs (cracked, grazed and mastitis-ised – erk) but otherwise great – I love you lots and have been spending hours staring at you each day.  I’m really glad that you came out through my VJJ without the need for any drugs, or other medical intervention (apart from a few stiches afterwards): I can’t imagine the last week and coping with all that your dad and I have had to learn on top of recovering from major surgery etc.   So!  All good.   I went for a walk today with your dad and you – a short one, but one nonetheless, and we’ve managed to get you in the car and out of the house every day to pop out and do something.  Tiring, but makes me feel like I’m not totally beholden to your needs 24/7 and makes it all just a bit more copable.

Anyway, life is rather hectic and so I’ve only just managed today to look at some of the photos we took of you in the first few days and pull a few out to share with some people….

I also need to sit down and find the time to finish writing your birth story while its still fresh in my mind. Might have to be in short-attention-span installments… Will try to get to that too…

So here they are: some shots of us getting ready for you to arrive and then a few from your first few days: Photos of Oscar

Summary of today is that you’re the best thing ever and you’re gorgeous and I am really glad that the lactation consultant showed me how to feed lying down yesterday. I can’t believe they didn’t show / talk about that at the hospital. Ahh. You like it to. You are currently milk-drunk and hanging out with your dad and aunt 3 & T on the verandah.

Love you



3 Responses to “One week old and Oscar is your name-o.”

  1. vegancowgirl Says:

    congrats!!!! oscar is beautiful (love the name) glad the birth went well! looking forward to lots of updates!

  2. Janelle Says:

    Congratulations on your natural childbirth and breastfeeding! I think it’s just wonderful!

  3. rakster Says:


    It was a natural choice for us as that is what my mum did and I just think that if you can, that is the way its meant to be. And we got through the birth A-ok, good in fact…

    Breastfeeding has been somewhat harder but I think the rewards if you persevere are great. Portable food whenever he wants and no dishes!

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