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A-OK apart from a cracked ear.. just skin leakage August 10, 2009

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Hello Poogie,

its all ok.  We have some cortisone cream and you’re going to live.  THe ear infection is not an ear infection at all but a painful and raw case of dry and probably mum-hormone related skin damage.

Not too much crying.  And the source of your irritability today has been established:  the sticky mess that came out your behind has made you feel a lot better.

erk for mum and dad though.  Your dad was on bum-clean duties, I did nappy scrubbing.  No dry-pailing for a mess like that.

love mum


4 Responses to “A-OK apart from a cracked ear.. just skin leakage”

  1. Janelle Says:

    Aww, glad little Poogie is ok.

  2. Grandma Says:

    Dear Poog,
    Did you tell your mother that the word ‘poog’ apparently means something like ‘kiss’ in Irish and I reckon it has come down from the Irish ancestors via Grandad (your Great-Grandad) to me and hence you. So you are a little kiss.
    Love to you still tho’ I haven’t seen you in the flesh for quite a time owing to illness and your mother nicking out of a sat arvo with your dad to unspecified interesting out of house visiting places so we haven”t connected. I miss you and hope i am entirely well to cuddle you on Sunday coming when your Mum n Dad have hopes of going to a movie while I look after you. Better go now as it’s past midnight! V late for your old

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