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slinging to the beat of the washing August 27, 2009

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Hello Oscar,

Today you’re good, good, good and I’m good, good, good too! We have had some fantastic news about your Grandad, and I’ve been beaming all afternoon. Yay, yay, yay. I don’t know that you quite understood what I explained to you as we walked down the street, but I think you got the fact that I was emotional and happy. You definitely understood when I was crying with joy, and then after that seemed to pick up on my good mood.

So, you’ve been eating lots and lots for the past few days. I think a combination of the heat of the past few days and perhaps another growth spurt.

And you helped me hang out the washing. You insisted on a change from the normal sling position, so I just stuck you in it forward instead of facing me, and you seemed pretty happy with the whole thing. You liked the feel of the different materials on your face as I pulled the clean washing in…

You in the new position - forward facing in the baby sling.  You just wanted to help with the washing hanging-out!

You in the new position - forward facing in the baby sling. You just wanted to help with the washing hanging-out!

Do pe doop doop (singing my happy song).

love mum


2 Responses to “slinging to the beat of the washing”

  1. Janelle Says:

    I’m so excited to wear my baby around in a sling. What kind are you using in the pic? Do you like it?

    I’m so happy you two are having such a great day! 😀

  2. rakster Says:

    Thanks! Its fun to play with slings, I’ve been meaning to post about it but never get the time… The sling is a simple piece of jersey cotton stretch material. I’ve been experimenting with a few different types of slings, and all are good for different things. My current favourite is the one in the photo, which I made based on the information in thewear your baby site. Simple, cheap and really comfortable for both me & him. And so many options. He’s forward in the photo but this was just me experimenting from the simple cross basic tie which I’ve now got mastered. His dad loves his sling too (I got three out of one material purchase)..

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