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Too much to even try to catch-up. July 18, 2010

Hello Poogie,

once again, weeks have gone by and I haven’t had the time to write. This happens once in a while – a few days go by, then I think, “Aha, I should write about …….”. Then a few more days go by, I forget what it was then I start to get overwhelmed with how much I have to write. So I don’t… and then the cycle continues.

In this case I’ve also been rather extremely busy: we’ve been getting used to Childcare (you and I), I’ve been working and my work project went somewhat sideways so required some brainpower and attention, uni is getting busy – just wrote my first exam on Saturday and we’ve started work on the assignment…. And you just are SO much fun to hang out with, that when you’re awake and I’m not working I just want to play with you. So housework and writing blogs has been slightly sidelined in preference to actual living.

(Oh, and I’ve developed a slight addiction to the Scrabble-like game “Works with Friends” on my iBaby. Though really, it only takes up a few minutes each night in bed and first thing in the morning. Which reminds me, as an aside, I dearly hope that when you get older you continue to love books as much as you love them now, and you become a bit of a word junkie, because everyone else in my family – save except perhaps your Grandma K, refuses to play either Boggle or Scrabble with me. I may have to wait 18 years or so until you’re ready and compentently able, but I promise to play when you get older if you will play with me. It’s just better in person :)).


So, it’s all been happening. We’ve been playing in the sandpit in the garden; you’ve learned to ride the bike your Canadian Grandma E & Grandpa bought you for your birthday and spend hours each day “brm brm brrrrrmming” around the verandah and living room; you’ve started to sign all sorts of baby sign like you just can’t get enough going.

The sign language progression is absolutely amazing. I think if MY signing vocabulary was greater, you’d be able to have a conversation by now… (well, maybe that is a stretch, but you’re pretty mad).

Each day you try to do a new sign, and then repeat it and continue to use it going forward. Animals are still the favourite. Now your signing repertoire includes:

  • Cat
  • Dog (which you also say)
  • Fish
  • Turtle (though it looks a bit like fish when you do it.  You’re trying though, I get it)
  • Butterfly
  • Plane
  • Helicopter
  • Motorbike
  • Car
  • Truck (again I think this is bit confused sometimes with ‘clap’ but you’re getting there)
  • Ball
  • Balloon
  • Elephant
  • Giraffe
  • Up (which you also say)
  • Flower
  • Train

And I’m sure a few more which I currently class in the “just waving the arms and hands around randomly” and can’t quite get but am sure you know what you mean… I’m still just using the Australian Sign Language (Auslan) resource to look up the signs we need. Then I just start doing them, and we let your dad and your aunts know the new ones, and then everyone does them and at some point you just seem to be able to do them.

At present, Cat is a big favourite. Mostly I think because not only does “Cat” mean “Cat” to you, it also means, “Please let’s go for a walk up the street to find and pat the pussy cat that lives three doors up”… You love going outside, and since everyone in the house now knows what the sign language for cat is, and when you sign it you look so adorable, no-one can refuse taking you for a walk up the street. Even your Dad, who really doesn’t like cats at all… I’ll try to find the video I took the day you started doing it proficiently a few weeks ago and maybe it will appear on the blog.

Other news is that we have a few holidays coming up. This week you and I are going to Sydney to visit some friends. Dad and Aunt Reegan are coming down on the weekend.

And bigger news is your Dad, I and you are going to go home to Canada for Christmas with your Grandma E and Grandpa. We will be heading off in December for three weeks.

See. My brain is full and I’m not able to express myself clearly, it’s all just coming tumbling out.

Going to run.

love and kisses

ps keep up the great signing work!!


2 Responses to “Too much to even try to catch-up.”

  1. angie canning Says:

    Hey Rakky
    Just happened by your facebook page due to your brillian comment re Abbott, and then decided (since my bubba is having a mammoth day-nap- yay 1.5 hours and counting) to hit your blog, and I come across baby signing!! I love it! Besdies being a Speechie and loving signing, full stop, my 14 month old is also a little signing legend, and it’s so great he can tell me ‘all done’ and no longer throw food off his tray onto the floor. Today’s new sign was ‘sleep’ as the puppies at the pet shop were all asleep. Anyway, thought I’d say hi! Better run, dishes to do, washing to hang up…. you know the drill I am sure…..

    • rakster Says:

      Hey Angie,

      long time no hear 🙂 Congrats on the new bubba too.. I get titbits of what you guys are up to once in while through SRoola, so I knew there had been another close to O in age.

      Yes, I’m loving the sign language. So cute and so useful. Any teaching strategies you’d care to share?? I’ll seach facestalk for some pics 🙂


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