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Happy Birthday Dear Daddy! April 2, 2011

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this week was a week of your dad’s birthday.  Tuesday, to be precise.  You and I practiced singing “Happy Birthday Daddy” for the week leading up to it.  You can kinda do it.  We do it line-by-line with you repeating after me.  Your dad was chuffed.   Cake however had to wait until the working week was over.  So this morning was cake-time.


So here it is:  a chocolate-hazelnut-meringue vanilla-caramel-icecream roulade.

Chocolate-hazelnut-meringue vanilla-caramel-icecream roulade


Well, an attempt at one.  I made the cake up, so didn’t quite get it right – I should have let the icecream set in the freezer for a few hours before attempting to add it to the roulade. And I think I then should have let it set after that.  It was a bit melted by the time we ate it!

Us & cake

But by all accounts it was a good flavour combination….


You liked it.


love mum


P.S. if anyone wants the recipe, let me know and I’ll write it down!

blowing out the candles


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  1. faemom Says:

    That cake looks amazing!

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