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Dear Baby…. and you name will be?? May 29, 2011

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Dear Baby,


you may wonder why you never got a cute little ‘in utero’ moniker like your brother (‘speck’)… Feeling second-child syndrome already?


Well, yes, I have to admit, it is partially that.  My obstetrician puts it simply but aptly:

“Most women find that pregnancy just isn’t quite as exciting the second time, and there is usually another little one to drain your energy focus your time on”.

So yes, your Dad and I haven’t been as focused on your every move as we were with your brother (but believe me, we are still focused, particularly when you kick really hard – I think you definitely have a stronger kick than your brother did, I don’t remember it being quite so PAINFUL last time..).


But mainly it is because we just call you: BABY.  It’s simple, your brother could understand it a long time ago (and still does), and it still feels very personal.  So, “Baby” you are to all three of us.  Your brother talks about you a lot – he knows if I swear exclaim abruptly while otherwise sitting peacefully, that:

“Baby is kicking mumma.  Baby big kick mumma.”

And we all talk a lot about how “our baby” is going to come out of mummy’s tummy soon and be on the outside.

baby…who is in there??

Which leads me to the next point – your Dad and I need to come up with some name options pretty quickly.   When your brother was born we had a few boys names and no girls names we were really happy with, so it was a good thing he was a boy, but the point was: we’d had a chat and come up with a shortlist before he was born.   We really need to get on that for you.


So, for now, Baby it is, but we are thinking of options …. no matter what sex you are.


love mum


P.S. Thanks, and I’m feeling a lot better than I was yesterday.  No crying yet today.  And your dad is in a much better mood too.  So things are looking up.




2 Responses to “Dear Baby…. and you name will be??”

  1. Aunt R1 Says:

    Kai, Caleb, Hayden, Cody, Thomas
    Willow, Caitlin, Isabella, Aline

    • rakster Says:

      thanks for the suggestions 🙂


      Oscar has picked a name already – he uses it 100% consistently since the first time we asked him what the baby’s name should be… Funnily, it was a name already on our list of possibles…

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