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I born a …. June 16, 2011

From the mouth of a babe:

“I born a nana!”

“I born a nana”

I guess those books we have been reading every day to try to get used to the concept that a baby will soon arrive are really getting through :).  I wasn’t quite sure he understood that the baby would come out of my tummy through a ‘hole’ somewhere, but he told me yesterday the baby would come out soon through a ‘hole’, and today’s demonstration proves he really does get it…


This beauty was uttered not 5 minutes ago, spontaneously on the verandah to Aunty G.   Imaginative play! I love it!


Love mum


P.S. Let’s hope the real baby gets better care than this poor nana a few minutes after birth:


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  1. L Says:


  2. Kathy Says:

    That. Is awesome.

    • rakster Says:

      .. I should have added that with the current price of bananas that having a child who could ‘born’ them could be lucrative!

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