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Reading… an interpretative adventure. Especially when you’re 2.5 January 9, 2012

family reading

We read a lot of books. Every morning little Poogie (2.5 years now) typically brings a bunch into the bed with me, we get little Sister Boona (6 months now!) and have a bit of a read. Then there are more during the day, at bedtime etc.

We have a relatively large number of books, and are constant library users, but Poogie still seems to know most of them by heart. Which I think is pretty impressive. It is to me anyway, still breastfeeding with now non-existent short-term memory.

So last week I was reading one of our favourites, Australian Author Pamella Allen‘s “A Lion in the Night“, and we were up to this page:

reading: A Lion in the Night

When I asked,

“And what is the little dog saying?”

And the answer, in a “mum, this is so obvious I can’t believe you’re even asking me” voice:

“The little dog is spitting jelly-beans at the lion.”

Right.  Of course.  I should have known.


Love Mum

P.S. So. It’s been a very busy few weeks. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year… I may get around to posting some of the highlights.  I may not.  Things are hot (31degrees Celsius) and sticky around here.


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