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…grow grow grow…. December 2, 2008

Hey Speck!

well.  Long time no chat.  I can’t feel you moving around and I think it is still going to be a while before we can commune by touch through my belly.  So chatting with you this way is all I have for a bit longer.  Apparently your dad is going to be able to hear your heartbeat through my belly with his ear at some point too.  Again, I suspect its quite a while off, but that hasn’t stopped him trying.  He hasn’t rasberried you in a few days – but don’t feel neglected, he is just busy cooking for me while I study, and getting excited about your other grandparents arriving to visit from Canada.

Its a bit hot today, it feels like summer is finally here.  Yesterday was warm but it still cooled down last night.  It was a funny night – the people up the road have a yearly Christmas  decorations / turn on the lights drink/party on the street outside their house and we went along to say hello.  All in all about 50 people and then assorted children, with a slow start but then building to taking over the street and standing around chatting and gossiping.  We’ve lived in the same two streets for almost two years, so we know a few of them.  I was still surprised at how many little kids were around – I only see the ones who live across from us, but there were heaps of the little munchkins running around everywhere.  At 8:30 there was a 10 second countdown from the crowd on the street – where all the kids stood at the front & held hands & looked & then screamed with delight as the Christmas lights of the house with the party were ceremoniously turned on.  All in all I think I’m still a bit incredulous that we’ll have to look after you and you’ll be one of those independent, loud, screaming little bundles of energy.  Welcome, but still slightly unreal.

Otherwise your dad and I are well, still making sure we eat well – you’ll have to let him know that you really enjoyed the oven-baked falafels so he cooks them more frequently!  Hope you are busy growing your arms and legs and other bits.

love you

p.s. you better be growing a lot because I am increasing in size at a rapid rate.  I think its actually disproportionately rapid.  I’m hoping I look as fat as I do mainly because I am constantly totally filled with gas, but unfortunately I suspect that is not the case.


212 days to go. and today I feel like counting. November 25, 2008

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Hi Speck,

Hope you’re well?  I’ve been attempting to eat more healthily after Saturday’s chocolate binge – well, actually your dad is trying to encourage me, which is good.  So I have just had an absolutely delicious lunch of home-made falafels and avocado salsa on lebanese bread with yoghurt.  Yum.

Bad news on the home front – your great grandfather passed away over the weekend.  That’s a bit sad – ’cause you’ll never get to meet him.  Though I’m sure that your dad will tell you some stories if you ask him.  He is a bit sad at the moment and gave you a big long hug this morning.

Otherwise all is, I hope, well with you.  I am feeling slightly less tired, but that could be because I’ve just been going to bed at 9pm wherever possible and sleeping-in as late as I can too.  Overall had a rather restful weekend, so I think that helps too.   Your dad and I got some more books about stuff related to pregancy and what not on the weekend, and some kind of video too – hopefully you dad can watch this on repeat until he feels more comfortable with blood & gore.  He’s not good with that kind of thing at all.   your arrival is starting to feel a little bit less unreal as the days go by.

Love you