i'm pregnant and it's going to be a rollercoaster

grumpy April 2, 2009

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I’m grumpy again.  Not sure about these pregnancy hormones.  They are good sometimes but gee, when I’m grumpy I’m really grumpy.

Watch out.  Better not kick me in the ribs too much today.  You never know what might happen.


hot today! can you feel summer in there? October 31, 2008

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Hey Speck,

how are you doing? Are you as hot as I am? Its a scorcher today & I’m feeling slightly queasy.  Again.  I assume its you making me feel this way.  And exhausted.

A friend rang last night & let me know that she is 13 weeks pregnant.  Due May 3.  So you may be relatively close to the child of one of my friends.  That might be fun.  I hope you are.
I’m still worried about you, but at least it hasn’t seemed as persistent a worry over the past few days.  This could be because I’ve been busy, or just ’cause I know its c’est la vie.  All I can do is keep on eating well and hope you’re all ok down there.  Next Wednesday should give us a better idea.

So, your dad and I bought a new car yesterday.  We’ve had the same car since we bought it with a loan from your grandad when we were both in uni.  The old car, while still reliable, was just getting a bit too old, and most of all, it didn’t have air conditioning.  The new one is a year old, has full air con and tinted windows.  And its all wheel drive & has a bunch of safety features so it won’t be such a scary experience driving beside lorries on the highway.  We’re both pretty excited – it will be fun to be able to enjoy doing things like going camping for the weekend again: it really was trying in our old car, loaded down with stuff and excruitiatingly hot in summer.  And, we’ll be able to hear the music playing as we don’t have to leave the windows down all the time to keep ourselves cool.  That’s our news.

Your dad says hello to you every morning and goodnight every night.  Do you feel him giving you a pat through my tum?  He gave you a hug this morning when I was feeling grumpy and didn’t want one but insisted it was his right to give you a hug and therefore I had to let him.  Fair call I thought, though again, hope you appreciated it!

You can look forward to your first swim in the ocean this weekend if the weather stays warm enough!

suck in the good vitamins I’ve been ingesting.

love you!