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Dear Baby…. Hormones and horrible fathers May 28, 2011

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Hello Baby,


well, I’ve finished work – woo hoo.


But all I could seem to do yesterday afternoon was cry.  For no reason really.


I went to pick your brother up from kindy, got out of the car, into the center and saw a friend and their daughter, and as he asked how I was, I said, “fine, fine” as a started to bawl.


Managed to recover marginally, and went outside to find you, at which point your teacher said, “Hey, how are you?”

And I started to cry uncontrollably again, saying “Why does everyone keep asking how I am? I’m fine.  I just can’t stop crying.” (more…)


grumpy April 2, 2009

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I’m grumpy again.  Not sure about these pregnancy hormones.  They are good sometimes but gee, when I’m grumpy I’m really grumpy.

Watch out.  Better not kick me in the ribs too much today.  You never know what might happen.