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Bum… March 5, 2011


“Bum, bum, bum, bum, BUM!”


“What are bums for, O?”

Poogie, with a thoughtful look on his face and head tilted to the side, ponders the question for a few seconds.  Then with a big, confident smile,




So funny…  We are of course in the midst of potty-training, so there are a lot of questions about bums and poos and wees, and all things related.  And lots of questions about other people too – like,

“<insert random person’s name, such as kindy teacher, or neighbour> poo in toilet?  Wee in toilet?  No, wee in garden.  Wee in toilet / garden??”.

And a lot of discussion about how poos come from

“Back here”, pointing to his bum, and “wee wees from down here, in front.”

Yep, we’ve got the general idea, now we just need to work on consistency of getting to the potty for the wee wees…


love mum


P.S. And obviously you’re practising your verb tenses at the same time…


Poo poo poo January 9, 2011

Cause for celebration!

You just told us ‘Poo, poo, hand, hand’ as you dragged your Dad into the bathroom in our hotel room.

And then proceeded to do a large poo in the toilet and say, ‘all done’ when you were finished.

Yay! No messy stuff to clean up! First time you’ve given us enough warning to get to the bathroom, actually led the way to the bathroom, and patiently waited until it was all out (yes, potty training has literally been a bit more hit and miss than that until now)…

You are growing up!

Love you mum