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…and all i have managed to do is attempt to put the clothes away…. November 29, 2008

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Hi Speck,

what are you doing down there? Why am I so tired??!! I know I’ve had a big week – uni everynight and not getting home ’till after 10, work and then assignment every night, but really.

Today we did our final group presentation at uni, and I have come home to try to attempt to at least bring some order to the disorder that is our house. Your dad has been holding the fort for at least two weeks all on his own – when I’m just arriving, eating, sleeping, showering, leaving.. arriving, eating, sleeping,…. you get the picture. Anyway, I am attempting to get clean clothes put away today and have even struggled with that. All folded. Some away. Rest awaiting next burst of energy. Have had a half hour nap, think I might need a bit more.

your dad is cleaning the bbq.

hope you’re well.
love you


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  1. Grandma Says:

    Just about to treat self with rest too – just like yr Mum needs to keep doing. Have been sick on n off all weekend w a throat virus n this am woke with eyes like puff adders, conjunctivitis. Tonight still tired.
    Saw some lovely young kids at the doctors today however n practised reading stories for you. Think I still remember how it’s done!

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