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bilious December 8, 2008

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Hi Speck.

I feel sick again. It started yesterday and only really abated in the evening. And today it is back. A slight sinking feeling and a little nauseous. The fact that my pants are definitely a lot tighter than they were a few weeks ago is perhaps not assisting the feeling, but really, its all you. Maybe you needed more hormones today and yesterday for a growth spurt? Its warm outside, but I’m in meetings all day again today. Unfortunately all I feel like doing is lying down and sleeping. Its a bit like being having that sea swaying feeling you get when you’ve been on a boat for a few days and try to step off to the dock. I feel like I’m swaying as I walk around the office, and that my stomach and breast size in tandem must be giving people clues that I’ve got a bun in the oven. Or some other euphemism for pregnancy.

Hope you’re well. I’m not good. Please just get on with it & let this day be over.

love you, even though you are annoying sometimes (I suspect this may continue for some many years yet – the concept of loving someone dearly no matter what they do – but don’t push it).



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  1. Grandma Says:

    Fresh ginger tea perhaps? Lemon balm and mint tea made from fresh leaves….. just a thought.
    Floating about in a swimming pool at the right temperature might help too .
    Speaking of which I’m off for a swim later today having done over twenty lengths on Sunday; I got that spurt of energy at around the 19 length mark n enjoyed the next couple even more. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a real pool at home!
    However, on the way back from my swim I chatted to an old friend from school n discovered from her that a brand new alternative pool has just opened up at QUT urban village. Really there are numerous options for keeping fit about. I suspect I’ve been a bit slack this year blaming my knee ligaments on not being able to exercise too much. As soon as I start I feel so much more alive again.
    So, Speck, bear that in mind as you grow up!

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