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A Specky Christmas December 25, 2008

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Dear Speck,

Well, you certainly made yourself known today. Felt like vomiting for a few hours this morning and again a little queasy this afternoon (though that could be closely related to the amount of dark chocolate covered macadamias I gorged myself on).

All in all it’s been a very busy Christmas, and we are still off for another dinner in half an hour. Fun though – have seen everybody in one day – which is a feat in itself. It’s been pretty warm, so a swim in the pool was necessary, which made me feel a little better.

Sorry about all the sugar: promise to eat better next week!

Love mum


bilious December 8, 2008

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Hi Speck.

I feel sick again. It started yesterday and only really abated in the evening. And today it is back. A slight sinking feeling and a little nauseous. The fact that my pants are definitely a lot tighter than they were a few weeks ago is perhaps not assisting the feeling, but really, its all you. Maybe you needed more hormones today and yesterday for a growth spurt? Its warm outside, but I’m in meetings all day again today. Unfortunately all I feel like doing is lying down and sleeping. Its a bit like being having that sea swaying feeling you get when you’ve been on a boat for a few days and try to step off to the dock. I feel like I’m swaying as I walk around the office, and that my stomach and breast size in tandem must be giving people clues that I’ve got a bun in the oven. Or some other euphemism for pregnancy.

Hope you’re well. I’m not good. Please just get on with it & let this day be over.

love you, even though you are annoying sometimes (I suspect this may continue for some many years yet – the concept of loving someone dearly no matter what they do – but don’t push it).



Sick again November 4, 2008

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So another day another bout of nausea. Inexplicable timing, doesn’t seem to relate to anything that I have been able to pinpoint. Last night it was just after your dad made my dinner and I had tried to eat some. Cheese enchilladas, so nothing icky or strange about it. Ten pm after I made it home from a uni meeting, your Dad very kindly made me dinner, I took about 3 bites (I was starving) and then felt like vomiting.  Lovely.  Big thanks to him – he wasn’t so impressed.

Today it was in a meeting at work, the subject of which was definitely not the most exciting, but not bad enough that i’d label it nauseating!  I managed to keep the gagging feeling down, and hopefully no-one noticed.  Yuck.  So, i repeat again, I really hope this is helping you grow down there ’cause its mighty uncomfortable for me out here.  As your dad said last night, good thing its me that is feeling sick and not him, cause otherwise both our lives would be miserable – he is a terrible sick person.  I wonder if you will be the same?

Melbourne Cup is today.  I have bought a few tickets in the sweeps..

Hope you’re well!