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Movie Monday: Pride comes before a fall. Well, a jump technically. And bad parent award of the day. October 25, 2010


Friday afternoon, you were practicing your climbing skills again by repeatedly climbing up and down the furniture in the lounge room and I thought, “great, a chance to get a video. Haven’t done one in ages.”..

And here is the result:

Yep. Bad parent award of the day: mum. For not being able to catch you when you launch yourself off the chair towards me. You smashed your head into the relatively soft couch, but then rebounded onto the floor via the edge of the coffee table. Nice one.


Love you mum

ps. I’ve been telling you for ages to say, “one, two, three, jump” when you want someone to catch you, rather than just launching yourself without any warning…

pride before a fall

pride before a …


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