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A few photos… we are getting more and more mobile again! October 31, 2009

Hello Poogie,


quick post with a few shots of what we’ve been doing this week – various ways of getting you up and about around the house..


crutches and slinging the baby

poogie and I – mobile in the house with crutches and the sling.

So.  In the past few days I’ve been able to put a lot more weight on my foot, so you’ve been coming around the house with me in your sling.  And you seem a lot happier for it!  As am I…  No mishaps yet, but if they happen, they happen I guess.


poogie in the washing basket

doing the washing. You’re not really helping…

And your dad carries you about in the washing basket.  Not sure how much longer you’ll fit.


the new bumbo

bumbo for baby – you in the new seat . ready for first food..

And we bought you a bumbo…


eating the teething ring

eating the teething ring

and you are definitely teething.   Trying to eat everything.

you and me in the sling

poogie in the sling

Another poogie sling shot.


us on the computer - you're a quick learner

baby on the computer – you’ve a quick learner

So that’s the last few days in photos.


love you



the car is now baby-ready. come on down anytime. June 10, 2009

Hello Speck,

Quick note to let you know that your dad went out to the QLD Ambulance today and got the carseat that we’ve hired installed. So the car is now A-OK and ready for you to come on down and join us anytime.

your car seat

your car seat

I got detailed instructions from your dad on how to put the seat in and out with you in it. There are lots of steps. But I’m sure we’ll get there. Another step closer to being ready for your arrival.

What else? Well, you definitely liked yogababy yoga last night. It was a class focussing on trying to give your baby the chance to move around and get in the optimal position for birth if it wasn’t quite there when you went into labour, and a few things about relaxation etc. You were active all through the class, after we got home, and all night. You’ve been moving around down in there and trying to get yourself into a slighly new position I’d say. Your kicking has moved slightly from being on my left side at the top, to now in the centre, or even a bit to the right. I’ve switched totally to using the fitball when working at the desk and watching TV – normal seats just make me really creaky and stiff when I try to get out of them now.

baby capsule installation

baby capsule installation

And your dad and I both dreamed about me going into labour the night before last. Your dad is getting more and more excited as the time comes closer.

love you