i'm pregnant and it's going to be a rollercoaster

the car is now baby-ready. come on down anytime. June 10, 2009

Hello Speck,

Quick note to let you know that your dad went out to the QLD Ambulance today and got the carseat that we’ve hired installed. So the car is now A-OK and ready for you to come on down and join us anytime.

your car seat

your car seat

I got detailed instructions from your dad on how to put the seat in and out with you in it. There are lots of steps. But I’m sure we’ll get there. Another step closer to being ready for your arrival.

What else? Well, you definitely liked yogababy yoga last night. It was a class focussing on trying to give your baby the chance to move around and get in the optimal position for birth if it wasn’t quite there when you went into labour, and a few things about relaxation etc. You were active all through the class, after we got home, and all night. You’ve been moving around down in there and trying to get yourself into a slighly new position I’d say. Your kicking has moved slightly from being on my left side at the top, to now in the centre, or even a bit to the right. I’ve switched totally to using the fitball when working at the desk and watching TV – normal seats just make me really creaky and stiff when I try to get out of them now.

baby capsule installation

baby capsule installation

And your dad and I both dreamed about me going into labour the night before last. Your dad is getting more and more excited as the time comes closer.

love you


pramway – woo hoo! it looks great! May 7, 2009

Hello little speck!

Ohaiyoo.  Genki?  Yoku netta? Yosh.

I am in a good mood this morning.   You are rolling around and reflux isn’t too bad.  Its a glorious day, and even though I have to work, your Dad and I are going to go camping this weekend so I have something fun to look forward to. And, your dad completed the construction phase of the pramway yesterday – woo hoo!

It looks fantastic, much bigger than I guess I’d thought about originally, but very solid.  Its not going to collapse if 15 people jump on it at once.   All that is left to do is oil/coat the wood a few times, and put some of the big potplants back in place.   Your dad has done an absolutely stellar job, with a little bit of advice & instruction from G, but all the construction himself.   And, he built me a cool little step for the kitchen with the offcuts so I cna reach the bench a bit better (yes, I’m a shortass).   He is now ready to tackle the world.

So, photos:

starting on the decking layer

starting on the decking layer

then the finishing touches…

then the completed structure

and finally, me practising wheeling the pram up the gangway.

practising with the pram

practising with the pram

You may have noticed that there is a bit of a slope. I can assure you that the pram rolls downwards pretty quickly. And I bet that you will have a trike or something at some stage which you’ll roll down and smash straight into the front door with when you can’t stop. The joys of being a kid. Look forward to it.

Hope you’re well. Love you.


Easter Monday. 73 days and counting. April 13, 2009

Hello little monster child,

how are you?  Well, I hope.   Its been pretty quiet down there today, but you do seem to have moved in the past few days to be further down in my stomach.  I’m pretty sure your hard and heavy head is nestled just to the right of my groin, so when I’m walking up hills I can feel it and my thigh almost pushes on you.   Else I’ve swallowed a rock and its lodged somewhere down in my intestines in that area.  Its a pretty solid head-like lump.   However that hasn’t stopped the pushing on the lungs.  I think I am going to look forward to when you head hopefully drops down more, a few weeks before you’re due (if it goes to plan) and I have some more room to breathe.   I get pretty breathless very easily, though the breathing we did in antenatal yoga in Sydney, concentrating on different parts of the lungs etc, really does help.

Its raining again.  Your dad and I went down to the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) this morning for a wander.  It was pouring, so we lazily drove instead of walking, as it was just too sodden.  But it was a good browse, a bit over an hour, just wandered through two big rooms and then decided we’d had enough.  Lucky its close enough to be able to do that easily.   The rain started pouring down at one point and it was lovely to be inside a huge room with lovely paintings (my favourite today was a green dot-style painting by Maringka Baker…

Kura Ala – Maringka Baker

It was also lovely to see out to the river and the new Kurilpa walking bridge being built over to the city. We can take you there when you get older and you can ignore the art and just enjoy running up and down the wheelchair access ramps outside screaming at the top of your lungs with laughter and shrieks the way the other kids were today 🙂

This afternoon we’ve had miso and soba soup for lunch, and after a break I’m going to go and help your dad finish sanding your cot. Your dad and grandad M stabilised it on Saturday with some extra bits of wood (as it is an old silky oak one and was slightly rickety), and now we’re just taking off the lacquer so we can refinish it so it looks lovely and spick in your room. Its a mini little cot, maybe it will only fit you until you’re about one year old, ’cause the sides aren’t that high. But it is cute and we think you’ll like it.

Hope you’re well and that your dreams aren’t as involved and engrossing and sleep-depriving as mine.

love you


More kicking… Its going to be relentless for the next four months, isn't it? March 4, 2009

Dear Speck, Nothing new to report. I think I am going to be thoroughly ready for you to come out when the time comes – now it’s just you getting bigger and me being perpetually hungry day after day. Some days you kick a bit more than others, but that is the main difference. Yesterday was a big all-out kicking day. I took that as a sign that perhaps I wasn’t tiring you out enough so on the way home I walked down to Milson’s Point, caught the ferry to Balmain East and then trekked my way home through Balmain for some exercise.

View from Milson's Point across the Harbour

Luna Park at Milson's Point

Great walk, it’s nice to be out and about on the harbour. Pictures to show you. I think it worked – you were a little calmer last night than you had been all day. Your efforts yesterday were more disconcerting than normal because of your position: you seem to have spun around so you were kicking up towards my lungs in an upward direction rather than the down towards the bladder which I’m more used to. Haven’t written for a few days but all is pretty quiet on your front, and I’m back down in Sydney for the week after the weekend in Brisbane. Your Dad, I, your Aunt & T put your pram together on the weekend. It was a communal effort (see pictures). Wanted to check that the carrycot we bought actually fit the pram. It did, good. Your dad has since ordered the spare part we needed to make it tip-top, so after a quick wash I need to do, it will be set for you. Its a little strange to think about pushing you around in it. You now have a pram, a carrycot, a few little toys, a muslin wrap to drape over the pram (thanks T & El)… Your dad and I had a practice getting the pram from the front of the house to the street too. It was something a friend suggested we try to make sure it would all work. And good thing we tried, ’cause it was impossible. The width of the middle step is just too short to use to leverage the pram up to the next step, and too long to allow you to skip it and just leverage straight up. Which in any case would make it a steep angle for you lying in it… I tried for a few minutes to get it up by myself, until your dad exclaimed, “You’re faking it. You’re being silly!” to me, and snatching the pram away to try for himself. After manoeuvring the pram in an 18 point turn through one of the Australian grass bushes by the front gate, and numerous bumps, he managed to get it up to the street. “See, it can be done!”… He took a quick look back and then laughed, admitting with me that if you had been in the pram at the time you would have lost an eye in the bush and then most likely fallen out one side as the pram tipped wickedly from side to side as he lumped it up the last step. So. That’s a no-go for our stairs the way they are now. We’ll have to think of an alternative – current best option – build a boardwalk-style ramp from the street to the front deck. Its been added to your Dad’s list of projects.

Pram Assembly - Mark 1

Pram Assembly - Mark 2

Apart from poking your eye out, your dad would have lost you again while in the pram. He came back into the yard through the gate, again, “It can come in ok… mmmm. Maybe a bit bumpy” (yeah, pity about the big bumps and the screaming baby had you been in it). And then deposited the pram on the front deck and stepped back to check the mailbox or something. At which point the pram started rolling backwards until I exclaimed and he managed to catch it just in time before it toppled right off. We both peed ourselves laughing as he put the brake on the pram. “Baby down. Bah baaaaah” (think game-show ‘you’re wrong’ buzzer noise). We decided perhaps we needed to put a doll in the pram and push it around for a few days to make sure we didn’t kill the doll, and practised for you. Maybe we will be the worst parents. I guess you’ll just have to wait and see. There is no going back at this point. Anyway, hope you’re all well in there. Back to Brisbane tonight. Look forward to the plane. love mum


Painting your room (among others) January 25, 2009

Good morning speck!

I’m lying in bed, strange as it feels to me, in our kitchen in Brisbane. The other rooms all have painting stuff all through them, so we slept in the kitchen last night. I don’t know why, but it felt very strange. And I’m awake early – it’s very light in here as the sun comes right in the window and doors to the back deck in the morning.

Exciting (or maybe not) news for you is that your room is nearly all painted! A few touch-ups and floor cleaning today but then it’s all done!

I’ve taken a few photos. Your dad picked out the colours – he’s surprisingly good at colours, so he’s in charge of the whole house. Your room is just like ours – a slight green cream with a green trim, but ours has an olive feature wall, wheras yours doesn’t. I think it looks good. And all good for you to draw all over when you get bigger – all kids do that at some stage don’t they??

Hope you like it, tough if you don’t! By the way this painting thing has been a family affair – your dad, both your grandads, Ros, your big weiner uncle, me (yes, and despite your maternal grandmother’s worrying the fumes aren’t that bad), and maybe a few more friends during the week. Which is good ’cause it’s hard work painting VJ walls -your dad has to fill all the cracks, wash and lightly sand before painting…

Anyway, I’m off to paint.

Love you!

Ps did you see your great- aunt has apparently sent you your first shipment of specially-made-for-you baby stuff??? Cool, lucky for you!