i'm pregnant and it's going to be a rollercoaster

It’s nearly mother’s day… But where is the Mother? May 8, 2010

It’s a question I ask myself quite a bit.

Who am I and where do I fit into this equation of our family and day-to-day life?

Being a mum for the past almost-year has been an all-subsuming, totally rewarding, utterly exhausting and overall transformative process. Positive. But inarguably challenging on many levels.

As an aside about being all-consuming and mind-bending:  I’m re-reading the title of this post and thinking that I’ve subconsciously started to style my language along the lines of a children’s book – we read so many each day, and my waking minutes are so focussed on looking after you.   (The book it’s based on has slipped out of my mind, but the language persists. It’ll come to me, just give it about 36 hours. Dead of the night. I’ll sit bolt upright in bed and remember.)


Some days I think I’m coping really well, and all is gleeful (Wednesday).   (more…)