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Howdy from Big White, Canada January 5, 2011


So this is our third day up at Big White ski resort here in Canada.  And you still seem to love the snow.  Mostly eating it!

eating the snow. At least this shot you’re not eating it off the soles of your boots. Which you keep doing when we get on the bus as you can reach your feet. I offer you milk/water as an alternative, but you’re just not interested…

And riding the “gonda”.  I.e. the gondala.  There is in fact somewhat of an obsession with the gondola.

We tried ice-skating yesterday, with me on skates and you on little two-bladed thingames that strapped on top of your boots.    You liked the idea of it.  But not so much the practice.  Unfortunately no photos: your Dad has been off exploring the mountain on skis, so I have been looking after you solo, and lugging you, food, gloves, money, and other assorted stuff around in the -7 to -10 degrees celcius cold is hard enough without trying to fight with a camera too.   Bit of  shame, but well.

You did however meet the local “big bear”.  Everytime we walk by you have to go and wave, “hello”, and give it a big pat!

comparing you to “big bear”

love you


P.S. Today it is snowing a lot, freezing cold but very beautiful…


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