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Howdy from Big White, Canada January 5, 2011


So this is our third day up at Big White ski resort here in Canada.  And you still seem to love the snow.  Mostly eating it!

eating the snow. At least this shot you’re not eating it off the soles of your boots. Which you keep doing when we get on the bus as you can reach your feet. I offer you milk/water as an alternative, but you’re just not interested…

And riding the “gonda”.  I.e. the gondala.  There is in fact somewhat of an obsession with the gondola. (more…)


‘NoMan’ – a little worse for wear December 25, 2010

We made a snowman family (or ‘NoMan’ as you refer to it as in your toddler vocabulary) two days ago.

Little Poogie with Snowman Poogie and Snowman Daddy

So, it’s Christmas eve, it stopped snowing yesterday and the temperature has climbed to a balmy 5 degrees celcius.

Our poor little snowman family is looking a little worse for wear… (more…)


Learning to shovel the snow: Movie Monday December 21, 2010


Today’s adventure – shovelling snow in the driveway with Daddy.

Such a good little helper.  And very cute when you fall over (if I do say so myself). (more…)


Canada, Oh Canada December 19, 2010

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So many firsts in the past few days!!

We are safely in Canada after a very long and tiring flight (where you were very good in general).

Today it snowed and we took you outside to play in the snow this evening. We think you liked it! But you can’t quite seem to understand the concept that it is cold outside yet: you keep wanting to go out to see the ‘kismas tee’ without a coat or shoes… And get frustrated at the amount of time it takes to get rugged up!

I tried to teach you to throw snowballs at your grandmother. You tried. And I think you like the deer too: we have had to look for them multiple times…

snow play

first play in the snow..

Love you