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Another Monday, another trip to the museum February 4, 2013

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O overcame his fear of the animatronic dinosaur exhibit at the museum today so we finally had a good look (third time lucky)!


Luna was unfazed.


Swallows and Dinosaurs January 30, 2013

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Tonight was cookie baking: using beautiful new cookie cutters I found on my recent trip to Melbourne.

Both O and L joined in.

Dinner went down quickly then O chose to eat a swallow and a dinosaur.




Christmas … food planning November 30, 2012

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so it is the 30th of November.


I have one exam to go then I’m finished with university (for the moment)!  Yay.


My mind is already turning to when I’ll have oodles of spare time (comparatively).   Or at least less brain-consuming-should-be-studying-worrisome spare time and more what-the-heck-do-whatever-you-want spare time.


I got to work this morning and decided that I needed to capture some information about the Christmas food plans in my head.  So I started a board on pinterest.  Thinking I had heaps to add.


And ended up with 3 dessert/sweet items.    Oh, just thought of another.   Make that four.




Thoughts and suggestions welcome!


What are you looking forward to eating/cooking?


The only thing that stops the baddies… November 21, 2012

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mum, the only thing that stops the baddies making loud noises is TV

Mmm. A new bedtime ploy.


Halloween October 31, 2012

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There was pumpkin carving..

And some trick or treating!





Potty time October 30, 2012

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We dragged the potty out of the storeroom a few weeks ago. I’m optimistic that although L is only 16 months, as summer approaches we can get a little potty action in.

So we’ve been practising sitting on the potty. She loves it: it’s like a ride with handles, and she can sit on it while her brother is in the toilet. Awesome for her (not so awesome for the parent who needs to remain in the bathroom while the three year old poos… Lots of grunting and not a great smell, all accompanied with incessant chatter)..

Two nights ago while getting in the bath, just as O did a poo, L shouted “wee wee, wee wee” and demanded to be in the potty. I obliged. She sat there for a minute, then said, “wee wee” and got off. And promptly did a big turd on the floor…

It’s difficult being a parent: having to say, “good girl” in an excited and encouraging voice whilst at the same wiping up freshly deposited poo from the bathroom floor with the one free hand (the other making sure so stray 1 year old hands enter said deposit)..

Anyway,I put it down to fluke or just good timing.

Cue this afternoon, another clear “wee wee, wee wee”. We went and had a sit for a few minutes. Then suddenly she stands up, hops off the potty and, yep, you’ve got it: poos on the floor again.

Repeat simultaneous cleaning and congratulatory remarks.

Aaah.. Moving forward!



Busted – burgers and chips August 14, 2012

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Arriving home on Sunday afternoon after spending the day at the office working on an assignment, I noticed little O was drinking a juice that we hadn’t had in the house that morning.


I’d already asked C what they’d got up to that day whilst I was gone, and he had said, “not much, just mooched about”…


But little O set me straight:

Me: “Did you go shopping today & get a juice?”

O: “Yes, see!”

Me: “Where did you go shopping?”

O: “To the shop that sells burgers and chips.

Cue lots of laughing and sheepish looks from C.






My big girl July 21, 2012

Dear Little Miss L,

or, as you are more frequently called in our house: boo boo.

Boo boo. Derived from Boona. Which rhymes with Luna. As in Luna Boona, shortened to Boo boo. Of course.

I feel remiss in a number of ways. Not only did your first birthday pass without my mentioning it here, but as I have sheepishly admitted to a number of people, it was so uneventful that we even forgot to take a photo of you on the day.

So, a belated public Happy Birthday my darling.

You are a cheerful, happy, rotund and gleeful little even-tempered darling. We all love you dearly, most of all perhaps your brother. Who climbs into your cot each morning to play as soon as he wakes up. We wake most mornings to the sound of the two of you giggling gleefully from your room.

And often at night that is the sound of you going to bed too: you and Oscar playing “the giggle game” with each other from separate rooms (you both quickly worked out it was a game that could be played without the need to see each other)…

Luna, you are beautiful and we love you very much.





the link for those who can’t see it


Another birthday and a robot cake adventure June 26, 2012

It’s been a crazy week of birthdays… A quick post to share a photo or two.

We celebrated O’s 3rd Birthday in the park on the weekend with a robot and rocket party.

What does that look like? Lots of big refrigerator boxes all joined up to make a robot spaceship, decorated with stickers and stick-ons. Filled with small children popping their heads up through the funny windows and openings. And crawling between all the adjoining boxes like crazy.

In the spaceship

Lots of fruit for morning tea.

the spaceship has landed in the park

And, of course, a robot cake. Which the smallest one managed to swipe icing off while I was trying to light the candles!

Robot Cake!

Happy Robot Birthday my beautiful boy!


birthday June 20, 2012

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Had a lovely birthday with a beautiful cake lovingly made by my sister R1, a day with the kids and dinner with family.

Thanks all.