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How to keep a secret… and Happy Birthday… Dear Daddy! March 30, 2012

On Wednesday night, Daddy was a little late coming home.


Which was good as it left us a little time to try to wrap a present and make a birthday card.


Little O helped stick the paper on with sticky tape, and drew some lovely “O”s on a piece of paper to make a card.  Because we  need to wrap a special present for Daddy because it is his birthday tomorrow.

Then we had to hide the present.  Because it isn’t Daddy’s birthday until Thursday morning.  Tomorrow morning.

Then we had to find somewhere to hide the present.  Because we don’t want Daddy to know about it until Thursday morning. Tomorrow morning.

We decided (O decided) that a good spot was under his dressing table.  Little O insisted on hiding it there himself.  He dropped the heavy gift about 5 times getting it up the hallway.  Because it was heavy.  Because hiding it under the dressing table Daddy won’t know and won’t see it when he comes home.  And we can give it to him in the morning.



Daddy comes home about 10 minutes later.  Little O jumps out of bed, calling,

“Daddy, Daddy.  You’re home.  We have your present for your birthday but it’s hidden under there,” points to the dresser, “and it was very heavy and I carried it down the hall and mummy said be careful but we can’t give it to you until tomorrow but it’s a secret because it’s your birthday and it’s a bit heavy and we wrapped it and drew some O’s and it has some paper and sticky tape and we mustn’t tell you because it’s a secret for your birthday, alright?”

In one big single breathed monologue.


Luckily he didn’t know what it was when we were wrapping it – he’d never seen a tortilla press before.


Happy Birthday Daddy!


angel food cake! yum

P.S.  and I forgot to take a photo of the Angel Food Cake that I made on request.  But I got one of the only remaining piece after it was eaten.  Recipe tomorrow…

lighting the candles


Boobie boobie boobie March 29, 2012

One of the songs O sings in music class is about a little box.  As part of the song, someone chooses something to come out of the box, and then it makes a noise.  Cue this week’s contribution from little O:

Music Teacher: “O, what would you like to be in the box today?”

O: “Boonie.  Boonie in the box.”

Boonie is one of little Luna’s nicknames in our house.  Nothing to do at all with the Australian cricketer.  Just “Luna Boona” gets shortened to “Boonie”.  It’s an Australian thing.


The teacher looks a little confused, who wouldn’t with someone saying “Boonie” as though you should know what that is.


I point to Luna’s head to indicate he means her.   Then wonder if I should be encouraging a song where my second child is put in a box.  Oh well.  The teacher goes on:

“Baby? Oscar wants to put a baby in the box.  That’s a good idea.  What should the baby say when it comes out? Wah, wah, wah?”

Oscar: “No. Baby’s don’t say ‘wah, wah, wah’.  They say ‘boobie, boobie, boobie’.”

At this point the teacher cracks up laughing so hard she can’t talk for a minute.  She tries to regain her composure as she says:

“Oscar’s right, babies do say ‘boobie, boobie, boobie’.  Everybody, let’s put the baby in the box now ..”

And we all proceeded to sing the song and then say “boobie, boobie, boobie” when the baby came out of the box.  Nice.


Another breastfeeding is just the norm in our household snippet bought to you from the mouth of a babe.

breastfeeding is the norm. Me feeding little O when he was 14 months at a friend's wedding. In a totally not breastfeeding friendly dress. It worked nonetheless. (And yeah, I can't remember what we were talking about but S is obviously demonstrating something).

Love mum


Things to do while the baby is sleeping… (or things I have done while the baby has been sleeping) March 22, 2012

Some days the babe sleeps for but 45 minutes at a stretch before for some reason or other we need to get in the car and go somewhere or gets woken by something (or someone)…  Not like the first lucky child who had a bit of a routine and actually two good-length daytime sleeps until he was over 1.


But some days I do get a bit of a break when the older one is at daycare, and the younger one actually goes to sleep for a bit.  It’s hard to plan anything, because you just never know what is going to happen, but sometimes it’s just fun to pretend the sleep will a bit and just get stuck into doing something that it would be impossible to contemplate getting done with a baby underfoot.


This week I had two days where sleep happened.


The first day, I did the tax.  Well, when I say, “did the tax”, what I actually mean is get all the bits of paper and emails and other nasty things that need to be gathered to complete “the tax”, write a letter to the accountant explaining what I couldn’t find, put it in an envelope and label it “Urgent”.  Because of course I’ve left it so long that it is now somewhat urgent (oops, sorry).


The second day, I made a pie.  Yes, a pure escapism from reality PIE.  Lime marshmallow pie. And totally forgot to take a photo, so all you’ll get is the last-remaining wedge photo from the day after (we had people over people, we didn’t consume the whole thing ourselves – just in case you were wondering).

Lime Marshmallow Pie




Lime Marshmallow Pie. Recipe courtesy David Lebovitz’s Ready for Dessert.


Yum.  Did I say that already.


I know which task I enjoyed more!


Have you baked anything good recently?? What do you do if you kid’s are asleep and you’ve a few minutes to yourself?? What would you LIKE to do?

Lime Marshmallow Pie slice

ooops. It seems to be getting smaller...


Another cut. March 15, 2012

My little boy got his first “boy” haircut today…


There was a lot of hair on the floor.


It will take us a little to get used to.


Comparisons – photographic evidence March 12, 2012

I think in some ways an extra bonus of having a boy and a girl is that there are less comparisons between the two drawn.  Which I think is a good thing in the long run.  Who needs to be compared to anyone in their life over and over and over?


But some comparisons for interests sake are inevitable and I too get in on it.



So here are a few photos of the two at similar ages.  Just for interest’s sake.


Oscar at 6 days

Luna at day 2

oscar 7 days

Luna at 10 days

Luna at 10 days

The babes get bigger

Oscar at six months - doing superman. Lots of movement

luna at six months - round and happy

Oscar at 8 months - eating paint and crawling about

luna at eight months - with oscar playing in the 'boat'




So oscar crawled at just under six months, and climbed everything at 8 months. While his sister is still content to just spin about on the floor, sit up and have things brought to her by her wonderful big brother.


Luna is a self-contented, calm, observant and very happy little person.  Oscar at the same age was much more rambunctious, loud and MOBILE!


Both are beautiful and I love them :)


babes in the bath - luna at 7 months oscar at 2 years 7 months


International Women’s Day March 8, 2012

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It’s been a while since I posted, but International Women’s Day today seemed a good day to get back into it.   Life has been taking up all of our time here in our little cocoon of a life in Brisbane.


So what better way to celebrate than to start with a photo of the two wonderful women in our little family in our typical family setting – chaos and eating in the kitchen/dining:


Luna and Me (& Oscar) having dinner

And, inspired by Kate over at Picklebums I’ve decided to draw on our good fortune and loan a small-ish sum of money to another woman who really needs it (as Kate has).  So I’ve looked at how to get involved at Good Return and decided to loan some money (they have a 100% loan return rate so far) to someone who lives in Nepal, a country I’ve been fortunate enough to visit (and loved).

So Nishin Kumari Rai will hopefully be able to provide a little more for her family.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and celebrate the wonderful women in your lives!



Let us know what you are up to?




Apps for kids… Your take? February 9, 2012

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So, we went down to Sydney the other day. And I have to say, travelling with the 2.5 year old is pretty easy. When you have the iCrack.

Yes, my son has his own “phone”. Albeit an old iPhone of mine that is now about 4 years old. And I wouldn’t travel without it. He has child-friendly volume-limited headphones, and knows how to work it.

I’ve worked out how to download stuff from our PVR (yes, I love you icetv recorder) onto the phone, so it comes with a ready supply of 2 year old tv addiction: current favourites include a number of Peppa Pig episodes (now the tune is going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day, AGAIN. After only just writing the title.. Aargh), the old and faithful Play School, a Thomas or two, and a Charlie and Lola.  Then there is YouTube, which he watches on a wireless connection, but only things we’ve “favourited”… But I have to keep an eye on that usage, as one or two inadvertent button presses and hey presto some highly inappropriate content beams straight down to him (and I’m sure we’ll get to that at some stage in life, but 2.5 is just too young).

In addition to that, there are some games to play with.  Which I have spent all of 1 hour searching for and wanted to have some kind of educational component..

The current top hits at our house for games (which I happily pay for as it is the best bribery ever to have 10 minutes of game on the phone) are:

I don’t currently have any games that require you to “download” or “purchase” bits and bobs, but have set-up permissions just in case he inadvertently pokes a button to buy “gems” or some other virtual crap (see this handy guide on how to set permissions if you haven’t done so already).

Do you have any apps for your iPhone/iPad/Android perfect for toddlers that you’d like to share / recommend?


Sydney… yay… A zoo adventure. February 8, 2012

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We went to Sydney. It was great. Too busy doing stuff to actually post anything on the blog.

We saw friends, did a bit of work, saw more friends, ate great cheese, ate great bread, ate great stuff, saw some more friends.

And went to the zoo. Fun…

Lots of excitement.

elephant spotting at Sydney's Taronga Zoo

The monkeys were a hit. Baby monkeys playing.

I personally like the chimps. The fact that a school excursion group was throwing a banana or two into the enclosure made them (I suspect) somewhat more active than they might have been at that time of day otherwise… mmm..

elegant necks

It was a very windy day too, so the bird show had an added dimension of, “oh my god, do you think it will really miss my head” to it. We survived!

Love mum


Broken February 6, 2012

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“mum, why is there a trolley there?”

“Because we’re at the supermarket, honey.”

“That trolley is broken.”

“How do you know?”

“The wheels have fallen off!

The wheels have fallen off because somebody didn’t be careful with it.

They needed to be careful with it and they didn’t. Now it’s broken.

If I had it I would be careful with it.”


Mmm. Great logic. Apart from the part about the trolley being a picture on a sign!


Amusing Oneself – Movie Monday (it feels like a monday) January 27, 2012

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Happy 7 months Luna!

Sometimes the most amusing things in life are so simple.