i'm pregnant and it's going to be a rollercoaster

First visit to the emergency department of the hospital… December 5, 2010

So I was in the middle of writing a rather staid blog post last night about the state of the kitchen and other of life’s happenings, when we heard you wake up and start coughing.  Which then very quickly progressed to a rasping, choking, vomiting-but-can’t sound.

Rushed in, ripped open your clothes and had a look at you in the light and you were most definitely very upset and struggling to get breath in.  Getting some in, but labouring and not happy.

So, we made sure you were breathing enough, then tried to calm you down as we threw some clothes on and jumped in the car.  By this stage your coughing/difficulty breathing fit was over, so we drove the 4 minutes to the emergency department at the hospital and (more…)


Hello down there. Hope all is well. October 21, 2010

Hello little pumpkin,

How is it all going down there? I hope well.

I’ve been thinking about you. Multiplying rapidly. I’m thinking you’re a girl. No reason to, just think you are. Maybe it’s a wish. Maybe not. Who knows.

My brain is going about 10,000 miles a second, same as it did when I was pregnant with your brother. I’m starting to get kinda tired, like exhausted, at the end of each day. About 6pm and I need to get into bed for a nap. But don’t always get the chance. …

quick note. just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you!

love mum

21 October 2010


you know you’re pregnant when… October 20, 2010

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You know you’re pregnant when your 16 month old (yes 16 months omg I can’t really say ‘baby’ anymore, and soon we’ll move to ‘nearly two’ rather than counting in months. too quick! too quick!!!) can replicate the exact sound, pitch and timbre of your digestive farts.

Yes. The digestive farts are back in full force, and much as I’d like to think I’m the kind of refined woman that manages to keep it to herself, there just isn’t holding it in, particularly at home, and particularly when only a 16 month old is around. Who can he tell, right? …

Mm… I may be creating a little fart monster. He can now also say, “Fart”, and does so with glee.

He’s a boy, so it was bound to happen anyway, right? right? I maybe just sped up the process slightly.

written: October 20 2010…


Father’s Day – cooking; and a bit of a boogie – movie monday September 6, 2010

Hello Poogie,

Yesterday was Father’s Day here in Australia. So we got up (not so early, as thankfully for the first night since you came down with a fever 5 days ago you slept through, until 5am when you breastfed then went back to sleep until 7:30am. Bliss! First present of the day to Dad and me!!), then you and I cooked Daddy french toast for breakfast.

cooking with a baby

cooking with mum for father's day

I like standing up here with you!



Some recent photos… September 4, 2010

Your Grandma K requested a few posts ago that we share a few more recent photos of gardening backyard adventures, treks to see the mangy cat up the street, eating sultanas… etc.

So here are a few highlights from the past few weeks (yes, you are still out for the count with high fever and are currently once again passed out in your cot. Poor little thing).

Playing with your Aunts is still high up on the list of favoured activities: (more…)


Fever! And it’s not translating to the dance floor variety. September 1, 2010

Hello Little Poogie,

Long time no write. I think I’m suffering from what Faemom (one of my favourite other mum / mom bloggers) refers to as Psychic Block: a lack of motivation following my exam and end of semester on the weekend. This follows on from a lack of writing due to what I refer to as the Procrastination Effect: (more…)


sleeping through the night? not yet? August 19, 2010

Hi Little Poogie,

you are fast asleep in your cot and I wish I were sleeping too.  We had night three (I thought night four but your dad thinks night three, he is probably right as I’m starting to not be able to think straight) of trying to get you back to sleeping right on through the night again after a period of not doing so (yes, it was a one-off that night).

And gee, I’m sure it was easier when you were a bit younger.  Now your fighting / resistance skills have increased.

Day one was fine.  You woke up at 2am, I gave you a cuddle and a bit of a walk, calmed you down and you went back in your cot and back to sleep until 7am.

The next night you woke at 2:30 am and then stayed awake until 4:15, fighting sleep.

Same last night.

Me, a bit of a jumbling, crazy person who can’t quite think straight today.

you, tired.  You were more intent on eating the floating toy duck at swimming lessons today than actually swimming.


this better work.



you survived your first blood test. And the logisitics of a pee test for a baby. July 29, 2010


Update on the blood test.

I managed to not cry. Mostly because I had to help hold you down on the table and you were looking right at my face, so I thought I should keep it together and look calm and in control for your sake. Inside I was quaking. (and I managed to keep the chocolate down too).

You screamed, and they took at least 7 vials of blood (more…)


Blood Tests for Babies – erk. I’m feeling sick just thinking about it. July 29, 2010

Hello Poogie,

So. Feeling very nervous. Have just consumed most of a family-sized block of chocolate in an upset/nervous/tension-filled empty moment. Yes, single “moment”, not plural “moments”. I literally inhaled it.

We are back from holidays and in organising mode I phoned the pathology lab yesterday to see how far in advance of your next doctor’s appointment I need to get the blood and other tests they want you to have done. And I was thinking about a week out from the appointment. Then got told a month out. Which was last week. So today it is. We are off to the hospital as soon as you wake up from your morning nap for a blood and other pathology tests.

And you know how I hate needles? I’m sure you know that, as I told you enough times when I was pregnant about the fact that I was just getting all these needles for your good, not mine.. And some of my experiences with needles lately haven’t been the greatest: my experience in a birthing suite with some bleeding during pregnancy, and a bad experience that I didn’t go through in this blog but did happen when they were trying to get a line into me for my surgery. Anyway, I hate needles at the best of time. Worst when I’m having to have one stuck in me. I thought. Until today. Now I’ve realised that I hate them even more when I have to think of one getting stuck into you. AAAAAAAAGHH…. (vomitous feeling, chocolate coming up my throat).

Just needed to get out some nervous energy. Erk. You’ll be fine, I’m sure. I’ve packed three of your favourite books, and a tub full of pomegranate seeds and sultanas, your favourite.

You’ll be fine.

You’ll be fine.

You’ll be fine.

I’ll be not fine.

love you


Exploring the wild… June 17, 2010

So, one of the things you’re really getting into at the moment is exploring the wild places in life. Like our back garden.

exploring the garden

exploring the garden

Which is all great fun. You’ve mostly stopped putting absolutely everything into your mouth all the time (now it is just most things about 20% of the time), so I feel more (more…)